About Sabyasachi Dewery

I am Sabyasachi Dewery, and I have been involved with various niches for many years; is my website. But here, I like to work with different name ideas, and when I write about name ideas, I want to write them from my mind.

Since I love working on name ideas, I prefer publishing my general knowledge on

About Me: Sabyasachi Dewery

I’m a well-known Author, Blogger, Digital Marketing Influencer, and Tech Researcher based in Barishal. With my passion for writing and a keen interest in technology, I’m also a dedicated Tech Researcher who loves to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of technology.

The Good looking dude on the right is me. I am Sabyasachi Dewery. I like to travel a lot. I have already traveled from India and Nepal and want to explore India.

Sabyasachi Dewery
Sabyasachi Dewery

My Story.

Well, my story is a bit odd. I consider myself a self-made entrepreneur, but I am a radiotherapy technologist. I completed my diploma degree as a Radiotherapist.

If I were a radiotherapist technologist, it would not suit me. I have been building websites for years and earning money. I love blogging a lot and love to make passive money.

That’s why two years ago, I thought of creating this blog named SDewery, but it took a long time to run it, and it is now

Currently, I am providing services as a writer for passive income on Facebook and LinkedIn with a page named Writer Sync in addition to this site.

I’ve always loved making money by building niche sites and creating an excellent network from which to grow passively.

Sabyasachi Dewery
Recently, I completed my Diploma at the Institute of Health Technology In Barishal IHT.

Besides, I like to do photography. I do that a lot when I travel, which is why it’s one of my different hobbies.

My Other Sites I Am Proud Of

I love blogging in the Bengali language because I am Bangladeshi. is currently one of my successful blogs.

I put a lot of hard work into this blog to make a reader happy. I like to write posts, statuses, and name ideas here, so I also publish my usual knowledge here.

So if you, as a Bangladeshi, are looking for my blog, visit my Bangla blog.

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